‘Why should I use Hotelrooms4u when I can just book everything myself?’ is something that we have heard a lot in the past.

I love it when someone asks us this as there are so many answers depending on the company or situation of the person.

As well as the obvious answer that we save you money by giving you access to our negotiated rates with our suppliers across the globe there are many other reasons to use us. We give you a rebate on every pound you spend with us making a saving of 5% immediately without taking into account our rates our usually 15% less than what you can book yourself!

We save you valuable hours a week, leaving your staff to concentrate on the job they are experts in. We produce bespoke reporting. We manage your travel programme, control your costs and advise on travel policy and give you a number of options on how you should be booking different aspects of travel.

Some people also say; “I can just book everything  online”: You can still book everything online if you want to, using our online mobile app. PLUS you have the backup of a 24 hour team of experienced professionals to help should you need it.

Instead of asking why you should be using Hotelrooms4u ask yourself why you shouldn’t? Get in touch with us today and we can offer you a FREE no obligation trial.

Email enquiries@hotelrooms4u.uk


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