What Makes Us Different?

Best rates, best advice, best service? However, there are many companies out there that will also make these claims, so what makes us different? We believe we have a unique proposal that fits your requirements perfectly.

Hotel Pre-Check Service

The traveller’s nightmare is when they turn up at a hotel only to find out that instead of the king size bed that they booked a small single is waiting for them, or that instead of all-inclusive they are only getting breakfast, while nobody had a clue about the transfer from the airport that was supposed to have been arranged. Well, our Pre-Check Service never has nightmares, because it resolves all the non-standard before they arise.


Our team will check the following:

  • They confirm that the guests don’t need to pay for the booking upon arrival.
  • They check whether the guests need to make any additional payments upon arrival: taxes, duties or deposits (both returnable and non-returnable).
  • They ask for the internal booking number and the hotel manager’s name.
  • They check the hotel’s policy when they declare a no-show and stop waiting for a late guest.
  • They pass on the client’s comments and expected arrival time if it’s indicated in the “Comments” field of the booking.

Ask Yourself?

Could you source your accommodation at the same rates we can give you access to? Would you be able to carry out all the hotel pre-checks we do to ensure your trips is seamless? How long would this take you? Do you receive bespoke monthly reports? Do you receive this level of service with no cost to yourself and on top of this receive a rebate on every pound you spend? We believe we offer an exceptional service and we guarantee we will save you money. What’s not to like?

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