1. Your productivity – everyone knows that, if you look hard enough, you can find a cheaper deal somewhere. But consider how much time it takes, and the cost of that time. We take inventory from thousands of websites as well as traditional travel distribution systems, so you’ll be wasting your – and the company’s – time searching.

2. You can’t save what you can’t see – If you do your own thing, your company can’t see what it is actually buying. In the same way, if you book at the hotel down the street from the company’s preferred hotel because it’s got a comfier bed, your company cannot leverage that spend against a better rate at the preferred hotel. So money is actually lost. 

3. Ok, so we admit it – We don’t know everything – if you know a really good hotel near where the project you are working on is, or that’s better than the preferred hotel, tell us! We will then see if that property can be added to the program, and then everybody wins. It’s called communication.

4. Avoid hidden costs – you’ve found an unbelievable deal that’s cheaper than the in-program  alternative. You book it but your plans change so you need to amend or cancel it, but can’t. We negotiate special terms and conditions with hotel groups because we know the unexpected happens, especially in business travel.

5. We understand your needs – it’s tough to build a rapport with the internet, and whilst you don’t need to speak to a human for most bookings, there are those which aren’t as simply as click and confirm. We have built up a deep understanding of the company’s travel program and will make the recommendations that best suit you and the company as a whole. You’ll also be treated as a person, not a booking reference number.

6. Added value – We can secure extra benefits for travellers as part of the preferred partnerships we negotiate on behalf of your company.  Free WiFi in hotels, room upgrades, greater flexibility.

7. By working with us, we are able to offer discounted products to staff members and the company alike. Take advantage of our hotel rates for that weekend away you fancied, or get access to a discounted rate on one of our many hospitality packages at a sports event or concert.

8. Cost – We promise to deliver cost savings on your hotel programme in the region of 15% plus we offer a monthly rebate scheme which means you receive back 4-5% of your total spend every month.

Now is the time to let us take control of your hotel bookings and help us save you money as well as give you your time back. Get in touch today and we will show you how.


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