For businesses looking to minimise spend whilst maximising traveller satisfaction, getting the best value is especially important.

Do any of us really have the time to shop around on all possible hotel booking channels, making sure that we’re getting the best deal? With such a confusing array of channels to choose from (,, Expedia, hotel websites, hotel membership programmes), for most travellers and travel bookers the answer is likely ‘no’. Luckily, that’s what we are here for.  We cross-reference our own negotiated room rates alongside the best available rates across Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), hotel websites and membership schemes to ensure you always receive the best available rate.

How much can you save?

We took 6 months of data across a selection of different clients and sectors and the results were conclusive. Our typical saving across this period, resulted in a 12% saving per room night. Add in our rebate scheme which gives an average of 4% and the savings added up to 16%. If your average room rate is £100 that’s a saving of £16 per night or if you book 1000 room nights over the course of a year £16,000. When you consider the amount of time saved by us doing all the leg work the actual saving is far greater.

Do you want access to these rates?

That’s easy, you just need to start booking your hotels with us!


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