A travel manager’s job wasn’t easy even before the appearance of the pandemic, but it was comprehensible and usually predictable. Of course, emergencies happened, but 2020 outdid them all, turning into a global emergency. 

At first it was hard to plan not only a month in advance, but even for a couple of weeks. In such conditions, organizing events and business trips turned into lotteries: whether or not the border would be open, whether or not the flights would be cancelled, whether or not the city of destination would ban mass events. Today we discuss how the job of the travel manager has changed in the new reality.

Change of priorities in favor of duty of care

As experts note, the pool of travel managers has remained unchanged, but their priorities are now a little different. Above all, duty of care has emerged as the top priority during trips. 

We at Hotelrooms4u have also noticed this trend and have added a special section called “health and safety” to our quotations which contains all information about the safety measures being taken by the given accommodation option.

Regular update of travel policy

Previously, travel policies were not updated as frequently. At most, a few times per year. But recently many new precedents have emerged that need to be developed and recorded in documents. The process of collecting and distributing information, the action plan in case of an emergency, reducing costs — these are all cases that many companies are facing. If you need to review your policies we can help. Get in touch enquiries@hotelrooms4u.uk

Monitoring the news and prompt communication

At the start of the pandemic, news became out of date so rapidly that the only option for remaining abreast was monitoring events by subscribing to distributions and telegram channels of several news agencies at once. Travel managers partially had to become journalists searching for the absolutely latest and confirmed information in order to base work decisions on it. 

To make the life of our partners easier, we have created a regular newsletter of information about coronavirus restrictions throughout the world. Our specialists monitor the news and update information every day so that you have the absolutely latest facts, which you in turn may share with colleagues. You don’t have to partner with us to receive the latest breaking news. Subscribe at the bottom of this page.

Covid has shown that the ability to adapt quickly to the new reality is the key to a successful and flourishing business. For our part, we are doing all we can to provide you with up to date information and useful tools in this difficult time.


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