The very first thing to think of is ‘What is this meeting for and what do we want to achieve?’
Is it: A brainstorming session, simple meeting, training, inspirational staff meeting, fun day out, an awards event, a serious meeting to discuss strategy or anything else you can think of.

Once you know what you are looking to do in the meeting, that’s when you can decide what you need and you can then source the perfect venue. This can take a long time to get right, especially if you are not familiar with the town or city you want to hold it in. This is where we can help you by doing all the leg work and negotiating the best rates for your meeting.

What are you looking for? Do you need a venue with accommodation for the delegates or even just for the speaker?The size of the room to fit your numbers? Do you need AV (Audio visual) equipment for your event? What time will the meeting start and finish? What is the timing of the different parts of the meeting, working this out will help you to work out when you want to have the breaks. Will you be providing food and drinks? Where do you want your refreshments? In the room for a working coffee break or lunch break or outside the room so your delegates can stretch their legs? If you want to keep everyone really happy what about Breakfast before the meeting or working breakfast sandwiches? What will you provide for lunch on the day – a buffet, a restaurant meal or a working lunch?Do you want to arrange a dinner or even a Gala Dinner? There are many more things to consider but the above is a start. Now it’s time to think about what you want from the meeting. These are potentially the same thing or they can be 2 different things.

My idea of the perfect meeting is something like this:

Room that works for the specific meeting request, you would be surprised as people often think ‘a meeting room is just the same as an other’ you don’t realise how wrong that comment can be! The room has blackout blinds if the screen is going to be used.

A venue that is flexible, so if there is a change last minute then the venue can accommodate me. Friendly, efficient and flexible staff at the venue. If using AV the venue needs to have technical support, just in case you need it! A great lunch. It’s funny because people always remember the lunch from a meeting! I guess when you are out of the office and you are being given a free lunch in the middle of a training or team meeting etc it’s important that the lunch is delicious. It can make or break a meeting!

If you want some help in finding the best venue for your meeting or event anywhere in the world then get in touch:


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